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A.J. Pets carries the largest selection of feeders and if you are looking for something that we don't have we will order it in for you.

A.J. Pets always has feeders in stock at all times.
This is one more reason why customers shop at A.J. Pets & Supplies.


Feeder insects we carry and special order

1 week old crickets
2 week old crickets
3 week old crickets
4 week old crickets
5 week old crickets

super worms
meal worms
butter worms
wax worms

A.J. Pets orders in over 20,000 crickets
a week. This way we do not run out
like other local pet stores do.
Mice, Rats, Hamsters, Guinea pigs,

     Live and Frozen   
Pinkie mice
Fuzzy mice
Hopper mice
Adult mice
for live mice please give us call as we bring live orders in the following day. 


Small Guinea Pig
Medium Guinea Pig
Large Guinea Pig
Jumbo Guinea Pig

Small Rat
Medium Rat
Large Rat
Jumbo Rat

All mice, hamsters, and guinea pig feeders are raised by A.J. Pets at our feeder breeding facility 

                        Bottom of Main Street                     
4817 50 Street
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada
Phone: 403-845-7500 

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