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A.J. Pets has Rocky's Largest selection of healthy Betta fish.  
A.J. Pets has a large selection of healthy fresh water fish and aquarium supplies.   We have everything you need, whether you are just starting out or adding to an existing set up.   We also do FREE aquarium water testing to ensure your aquarium is running smoothly.  

A.J. Pets has trusted aquarium experience.  We have done many in home setups as well as business setups. A.J. Pets gives our customers the right information and honest advice.

And unlike other local pet stores who charge customers for water usage with the fish they sell,  A.J. Pets does not add any unnecessary charges to our customers.
If you dont see what you are looking for let us know.  We are happy to special order fresh water fish and pond fish

                        Bottom of Main Street                     
4817 50 Street
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada
Phone: 403-845-7500 

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